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FAQs About the Patient Assistance Program for Prescription Medicines

  • What is the cost of my medicine?

    Prices may vary according to the prescription coverage plan and the pharmacy, so the best way to determine what your medicine will cost you is to contact your pharmacist or your insurance provider. If you want additional information about the price of GSK medicines or vaccines, please visit

  • Why are medicines so expensive?

    At GSK, we believe in pricing our medicines in a way that allows as many people around the world as possible to have access to the medicines or treatments that are right for them. That included the many patients in the United States.

    In establishing our prices in the US, we strive to balance the benefits of our medicines or vaccines compared to alternative products, all while also trying to account for the risk, time, and cost of drug development and generating affordable access for patients.

    Our goal is to ensure that we are working in the best interest of both our patients and shareholders. The prices of our products reflect this commitment.

  • Where can I find out if I’m eligible for any GSK assistance programs?

    Start your search for the program or programs that might best serve you by visiting GSKforyou and answering a few questions.

  • Why am I not eligible for Patient Assistance?

    To qualify for the GSK Patient Assistance Program, you must:

    • Live in one of the 50 states, District of Columbia or Puerto Rico
    • Have no prescription drug benefits through any insurer/payer/program
    • Not be currently receiving prescription drug coverage through a government program (excluding Medicare), which includes Medicaid, VA, DOD or TriCare benefits
    • Not be eligible for Puerto Rico's Government Health Plan Mi Salud or have applied and been denied

    If you didn’t find the answers you were looking for above or would like to learn more about our Patient Assistance Program, visit or contact us

  • How do I know if I’m eligible for prescription medicine assistance?

    You might be eligible if:

    • You are uninsured
    • You have Medicare and meet other program requirements
    • You live in the United States or Puerto Rico (or the US Virgin Islands for certain medicines)
    • You meet financial income eligibility criteria

    Want to see if you’re eligible?  Answer a few simple questions to learn about your options.

  • What medicines are covered by the Patient Assistance Program?

    From time to time, GSK updates the list of medicines included in its programs. Some may be added while some may be removed. See if your medicine is currently covered by the Patient Assistance Program.

FAQs About Savings and Coupons

  • Where can I find coupons for my GSK medicines?

    To find savings offers and coupons, you can check the website for your GSK medicine or visit Coupons are currently available for TRELEGY. Please note that our savings offers are subject to eligibility and may change or discontinue without notice.

  • Why are there no coupons or savings offers for my medicine?

    We appreciate your interest in our savings offer. Savings offers are not available for all GSK medicines. The decision to remove medications from our programs may be related to a number of factors, including but not limited to low-cost generic availability and/or divestment of products from our portfolio. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please visit to determine what product savings offers are currently available.

  • Why does my pharmacy refuse to accept the GSK savings offer?

    Pharmacy participation is voluntary. Although most local pharmacies do participate, unfortunately some mail order pharmacies and pharmacy chains elect not to participate in our program.

  • Why am I not eligible for a coupon or savings offer if I’m over 65 or enrolled in a government program?

    The federal government, and some state governments, prohibit the provision of dollars-off coupons to consumers for products that are paid for by government-funded programs. GSK makes every effort to ensure the appropriate use of our savings offers.

    Because the vast majority of people aged 65 and older are eligible for Medicare, and because GSK is not able to verify whether or not a patient over age 65 is or is not enrolled in Medicare, GSK deems anyone age 65 or older as being eligible for coverage through Medicare, and ineligible to use our coupon offers.

  • Why is the savings offer invalid if the drug is being used for an unapproved indication?

    GSK offers coupons for patients in alignment with the approved indications in the drug prescribing information. If a patient is using the medication to treat a condition outside the product’s approved indication, we cannot offer the product coupon. To learn more about the approved indications, talk to your healthcare provider or visit for the appropriate Prescribing Information.

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